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El trabajo del actor en el cine

MASTER CLASS in Spanish with Dimas González. Saturday, February 5th @ 4pm

A lifetime of work for the Latino community

Hispanic Organization of Latin Actors

Founded in 1975 by Rubén Rabasa, Eduardo Corbe, Andy Nóbregas, Doris Castillano, Denia Breach, Ilka Tanya Payan, Antonieta Ramos, Larry Ramos and Miriam Cruz, HOLA is one of the oldest latino arts organizations in the East Coast.

Our mission is to advocate for a non-stereotypical portrayal of latinos in the industry by facilitating a link between casting directors and production companies with Latino talent as we head into a new era of paradigm shifts in the entertainment industry after the pandemic, create workshops for emerging and established artists in the areas of Film, TV, Theatre and Voiceover at affordable costs for its members and creating an interconnected community of professionals and organizations to facilitate a platform to put our stories onstage and onscreen.

We are committed to advocate for Latinx actors

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