Tempo, Dramatic Instincts, Pataphysics and Germs

In this Master Class, Daniel Irizarry will be sharing his over 20 years artistic approach to directing, working with actors and creating the style & alphabet for projects.


There’s no movement that is not a dance. 

‘There is no song that is not a chant. 

‘There is no action that is not a prayer.”

Authos Ephta


If the tip of the nose works, so does the entire body. Under the least tension, the entire body works.”

Biomechanics principal


Acting equation: N= A1+A2



LABs Requirements and Framework:

We’ll be moving A LOT A LOT in the space, so please bring clothing in which you feel free and comfortable to jump, sweat, and fly.

The LAB will start with an hour to 45 minutes of etudes training. In the training we will be playing with rhythm, level, space, objects, acrobatics, and balance; followed by a 10-minute break. This will be followed by individuals and/or group creative exercises; as well as creative homework to prepare and present in class. Then I’ll start to introduce a collage of material that will culminate with a fun, chaotic and precise impossible theatrical etude.


Target audience:

This theater LAB is open for all actors, dancers, directors, and artists in any discipline. Anyone open to play, sweat and explore in a visceral, none-traditional and none- linear approach to theater is more than welcome to this Theater LAB.


About the instructor

‘The balance of power is ever-shifting in Daniel Irizarry’s thrillingly kaleidoscopic, boldly physical world’. The New York Times 

‘Rabelaisian director Daniel Irizarry, a capering theatrical creature with a goat’s appetite for heights’. The New Yorker 

Daniel Irizarry is a Puerto Rican born International Experimental Theatre director, actor/performer and educator based in NYC. His work embraces highly stylized and visceral acting, pataphysics, a profound celebration of GERMS, and a communion with the audience through consent. He is Academic Faculty at MIT Music & Theatre Arts Department and the Artistic Director of One-Eighth Theater. He directed and performed the last project ever for the historic closing of 30 years at the New Ohio Theatre titled, ‘Ultra Left Violence’ written by Robert Lyons. He is currently directing and conceptualizing ‘Plum Box-Strange-Ideal & More Than…’ a 10 poems pure form collage structure of Avante-Garde South Korea artist Yi Sang, at MIT.

Other notable credits; The Maids by acclaimed playwright Jose Rivera (New York Times Critics pick); UBU by Adam Symkowicz (Time Out NY Critics pick). He directed the world premiere of Busu by Mishima at Provincetown Tennessee Williams Theatre Festival. He has directed and performed YOVO (written by Robert Lyons) in NYC, Poland, Cuba and South Korea. He directed and performed the critically acclaimed production of My Onliness by Robert Lyons at New Ohio Theatre in NYC, which was selected as one of the best performances on Broadway and Off-Broadway in 2022 by Theatermania. Over his career he has directed, performed and taught workshops in India, Germany, Japan, Lithuania, Italy, Romania, UK, Colombia, among others.

His extensive teaching career spans the globe, including Guest Professor at Folkwang University in Germany, Visiting Assistant Professor at Bilkent University Performing Arts program in Ankara, Turkey and most recently as Assistant Professor at the Acting Department at Seoul Institute of the Arts in South Korea. He holds an MFA in Acting from Columbia University, a BA in Drama at The Universidad de Puerto Rico where he has subsequently returned to teach at both.

His Company website: www.one-eighththeater.com


About HOLA Master Classes series:

In expanding job opportunities for Hispanic actors, HOLA strengthens and supports the available talent pool through its Educational Programs which offers professional development, acting training and networking opportunities for members and the Hispanic community. This is an invaluable resource for artists to further develop their skills, gain practical experience and industry knowledge to support a greater chance of success in their careers. HOLA Master Classes are free for members and scheduled once a month.

HOLA y sus clases magistrales:

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Photo Credits: Suzanne Fiore (My Onliness), Marius Chira (Headshot)



This program is supported, in part, by public funds from the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs in partnership with the City Council.



HOLA would like to gratefully acknowledge Radio Drama Network for their generous support towards our 2023-2024 educational programming supporting art that enriches our culture.



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Thursday May 30 2024


6:45 PM - 10:00 PM
IATI Theater's Rehearsal Space


IATI Theater's Rehearsal Space
64 East 4th St. New York, NY 10003. 2nd floor


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