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OLD DYKES – Short Film (LA)

American Film Institute’s (AFI’s) Directing Workshop for Women and
Gender Expansive Filmmakers (DWW+) Program
SAG-AFTRA Student Film Agreement (AFI)

Director: Ezra Rose Arscott (They/Them)
Writer: Ezra Rose Arscott (They/Them)
Producer: Zoe Andrikidis
Intimacy Coordinator: TBA
Casting Director: Danielle Pretsfelder Demchick, CSA
Callback Date(s): June 6 or 7 -Virtual or in Person TBD
Shoot dates: June 27 – 30, 2024 (# of days needed noted in character
Rate of Pay: Deferred Payment / Talent cast will be provided courtesy per
diem with the addition of meals provided on set.
Location: Los Angeles, CA

DEADLINE: MAY 29, 2024
*Talent cast will be provided courtesy per diem with the addition of meals provided on set.
A NOTE ON ALL CHARACTERS: All characters may have any gender identity, as may the actors. The script is written with she/her pronouns
throughout but that is not essential. Dyke is a wide category that encapsulates many genders.
We are committed to diverse, inclusive casting. For every role, please submit qualified performers, without regard to disability, race, age, color, national
origin, ethnic origin, sexual orientation, gender identity or any other basis prohibited by law.

[LAURIE] She is in her 60s. Soft femme. A people-person, possessing a special gift for bringing people together. She came to her queerness in her 40s/50s, when she met and married Terri. She has known and loved Mel since she was 18, but hasn’t always known what the love meant. She was diagnosed with breast cancer ten years ago and has been in and out of treatment ever since. Cancer softened her in many ways, and sharpened her in others. We meet Laurie when she is transitioning from cancer treatment to end-of-life planning. 

[TERRI] She is in her 40s-60s. A power lesbian. Deep as she is smart. She has an extraordinary ability to always see the big picture. Decades of meditation practice, therapy, and big life challenges have allowed her to manage the pain and beauty of saying goodbye to Laurie, her wife and the love of her life, even with Laurie’s selfishness towards the end.

Storyline: A bittersweet romance about two women who have just entered their sixties, Mel and Laurie. This film takes the assumptions many people
make about the words “Old” and “Dyke” and turns them on their heads to tell a beautiful story about love, longing, friendship, and grief. In the film, we
are celebrating the process of aging and examining the beauty of that. We are choosing to steer into the strong connotations that come with the word
“Old” in a culture obsessed with youth, and ask people to join us in considering it through a queer romantic lens.

Submit Online: Self-tape submission link


$1200 stipend

Director: Katie Willmorth
Producers: Jonathan Hopkins and Theodosia Arcidiacono

Casting Director: Jessica Lane Weiss

In-Person Callbacks: June 15 and 16
First Rehearsal: August 1
Closing Night: September 29

Equity’s contracts prohibit discrimination. Equity is committed to diversity and encourages all its employers to engage in a policy of equal employment opportunity designed to promote a positive model of inclusion. As such, Equity encourages performers of all ethnicities, gender identities, and ages, as well as performers with disabilities, to submit.

Equity actors for roles in RICHARD II (see breakdown).

Smith Street Stage is committed to creating and maintaining a work environment in which all people are treated with dignity and respect and where creativity can flourish. Such an environment is characterized by mutual trust, physical and emotional safety, and the absence of oppression. Smith Street Stage is dedicated to fostering an anti-racist workspace, free from harassment and discrimination of all kinds, where every member of our community can thrive. We do this by honoring the beliefs, cultures, identities, interpersonal styles and values of all individuals. You are welcome here.


NOTE: Smith Street Stage aims to build companies representative of the city we serve. Performers of all races, ethnicities, and genders are encouraged to submit.

King Richard II — (he/him) King of England since he was 10 years old. A lover of art, culture, beauty, and pageantry. Loves to have a little outfit for every occasion. When his cousin takes the crown from him, he has to confront who he is without his title for the first time in his life. Sensitive, often petulant, subject to volatile and passionate moods, and ultimately capable of great depth of feeling.

Henry Bolingbroke — (he/him) King Richard’s cousin, and long time member of the court. Gaunt’s only son, and he takes great pride in his family. A pragmatist and a man of action more than words. Very well-liked by the English people. At times aloof.

Queen (she/her) / AS CAST — She knows something is very very wrong, but can’t quite put it into words. In great despair at the state of the world and her own position in it. Has genuine affection for her husband, King Richard II.

Gaunt (he/him) / Gardener (any pronouns) / AS CAST — Gaunt—A long time advisor and uncle to King Richard, and father to Henry Bolingbroke. Absolutely loves England and believes in what the country could be. An idealist at heart who has learned to prioritize playing politics throughout his long career. A truth teller when it really matters.

York (he/him or any pronouns) / AS CAST — A gruff elder statesman, but with a real soft spot for his family, and especially the Queen, his cousin’s wife. Is tasked by Richard with the impossible and overwhelming task of trying to manage the affairs of state just as the power structures around the throne start to crack. Conflicted personally, but politic above all to ensure the survival of his immediate family.

Duchess of Gloucester (she/her) / Northumberland (any pronouns) / AS CAST — Duchess—A noblewoman bent on vengeance for her murdered husband, the Duke of Gloucester. Everyone knows Richard is responsible, and the injustice enrages her. Northumberland–Not romantic about unseating one king for another, or squeamish about the violence that sometimes entails. No patience for nonsense. Knows their own value in the conflict for the crown.

Aumerle (any pronouns) / AS CAST — Cousin to both Richard and Bolingbroke, but feels compelled to remain loyal to Richard, even as it becomes politically dangerous to do so. Has a big heart and attends to Richard’s anxiety when no one else will.

Bagot (any pronouns) / AS CAST — One of Richard’s inner circle of friends and advisors. On the payroll. When the political tides start to shift, Bagot finds a way to stay in the game and survive in spite of it all.

If you are using a phone to record please be sure to film horizontally in a well-lit space. Please slate with name, pronouns, and a list of musical instruments you play, if any. Email a link to a 1-minute Shakespearean monologue. If you play an instrument, please include a video or recording of you playing. Email links in a streaming format (Vimeo, YouTube, Google Drive, etc.) Do not attach full video files or send download links (WeTransfer, YouSendIt, etc). Please include your headshot/resume.

Deadline: 06/05/2024



Compensation: Audition uncompensated; Paid Rehearsals $16/hr, Performances on per contract basis (ranging from $150-300/show)

Gibney Dance Center @ 280 Broadway 
Entrance on 53A Chambers St, New York, NY 10007

Day 1 -Thursday, June 20th from 6pm-8pm

Day 2 -Saturday, June 22nd from 10am-12pm

Both days in Studio X

Calpulli Mexican Dance Company is holding auditions for dancers both male and female presenting with ballet folklórico, percussive footwork, and/ or contemporary movement experience for upcoming paid touring and local performances in Fall 2024 and beyond. The company is looking to hire part-time and project-based dancer positions for its performance company.

To register for the audition: Please fill out the auditioner survey here; at least 72 hours prior to the audition. Surveys due on June 17th & 19th, 2024. If you find the audition after the deadline contact us at

Supplies and audition process: Please bring Folklórico or character shoes, comfortable clothing, and ballet slippers (or bare feet). Auditioners will have warm up time in the studio before the start of the audition. The audition will have a folkloric dance sequence to evaluate percussive footwork and/ or ability to learn it. The audition will also have a section for stylized movement either balleric or contemporary to assess this experience and/ or ability to learn it. The final portion of the audition will be a group interview where Calpulli staff will ask questions and where auditioners can also ask questions. Call back will be June 22 for the earlier date and/ or a rehearsal with the Company the following week.

Additional information: Dancers with Calpulli Mexican Dance Company are paid employees. Rehearsal rate is $16/ hr. Compensation for performances range from $150 to $300 per performance. Additional information about rehearsal schedule can be found at the survey link above.

About Calpulli: Founded in 2003, Calpulli Mexican Dance Company is an award-winning company celebrating Mexican stories and people through dance and music. Also a non-profit organization, It presents local performances and tours, provides workshops, educational programming, and organizes community cultural events. More info at

Gibney Dance Center @ 280 Broadway 
Entrada por 53A Chambers St, Nueva York, NY 10007

Día 1 -Jueves, 20 de junio de 6pm-8pm

Día 2 -Sábado, 22 de junio de 10am-12pm 

Ambos días en Studio X

Calpulli Mexican Dance Company está llevando a cabo una audición para bailarines con experiencia en ballet folklórico, zapateado percusivo y/o movimiento contemporáneo para las próximas giras pagadas y actuaciones locales en otoño de 2024 y más allá. La compañía busca contratar bailarines a tiempo parcial y por proyectos para su compañía de espectáculos. 

Para inscribirse en la audición: Por favor, rellene la encuesta de audición aquí; al menos 72 horas antes de la audición. Las encuestas deben enviarse los días 17 y 19 de junio de 2024. Si encuentra la audición fuera de plazo, póngase en contacto con nosotros en

Material y proceso de audición: Por favor traiga zapatos folklóricos o de carácter, ropa cómoda y zapatillas de ballet (o pies descalzos). Los audicionantes tendrán un tiempo de calentamiento en el estudio antes del comienzo de la audición. La audición tendrá una secuencia de danza folklórica para evaluar el juego de pies percusivo y/o la habilidad para aprenderlo. La audición también tendrá una sección de movimiento estilizado, ya sea balístico o contemporáneo, para evaluar esta experiencia y/o la capacidad de aprenderla. La parte final de la audición será una entrevista en grupo en la que el personal de Calpulli hará preguntas y en la que los audicionantes también podrán hacer preguntas. La convocatoria será el 22 de junio para la primera fecha y/o un ensayo con la Compañía la semana siguiente. 

Información adicional: Los bailarines de la Compañía de Danza Mexicana Calpulli son empleados pagados. La tarifa de ensayo es de $16/ hr. La remuneración por actuación oscila entre $150 y $300 por actuación. Información adicional sobre el horario de ensayos se puede encontrar en el enlace de la encuesta anterior. 
Acerca de Calpulli: Fundada en 2003, Calpulli Mexican Dance Company es una compañía galardonada que celebra las historias y el pueblo mexicanos a través de la danza y la música. Además de ser una organización sin ánimo de lucro, presenta actuaciones y giras locales, ofrece talleres, programación educativa y organiza eventos culturales comunitarios. Más información en