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About the Master Class

Elaine Del Valle embodies the next generation of content creators, boldly embracing the role of a multi-hyphenate as a director, writer, actress, producer, and CSA casting director.

This Masterclass goal is to help actors achieve authentic, organic, and rooted on-camera performances and further developing audition skills. Discussions will include monologues coaching, insightful tips, and a Q&A session.

This masterclass will include:

  • HOT SEAT** coaching sessions (actors will be selected prior to masterclass)
  • Shared industry insights with an experienced casting professional
  • Q&A session at end of masterclass


**HOT SEAT for HOLA Members 

There will be a unique opportunity for 6 actors to be coached one-on-one. Actors with previous acting experience and training could sign in for a chance to participate in the HOT SEAT. Actors for the HOT SEAT will be selected based on their HOLA profile and choice of monologue. If selected, you MUST CONFIRM VIA EMAIL WITHIN 24 HOURS or lose the spot.

HOT SEAT participants – Please prepare a monologue of your choice from film or tv. Select a monologue that most appropriately represents you. The text could be in English, Spanish, or bilingual. Material should be no more than two minutes in length. You will need to upload a PDF copy of your monologue selection at the moment of registration.

Actors not chosen (or not choosing) to be in the HOT SEAT, will be considered Auditors and as such will be able to learn by watching others work and will be able to be part of the Q&A session.

(HOT SEAT application now closed! Register to participate as an Auditor) 


General Information and Requirements:


  • Class will be held in English Language.
  • Class will be a virtual format via Zoom. All guests except the speakers shall be muted upon entrance.
  • No replay will be available. Recording of this class is prohibited.
  • You will receive an email with the Zoom link one day before the class.
  • Please click on the meeting link at least 10 minutes early to take care of any technical issues that may happen. We will not be able to provide technical support during the masterclass.
  • Make sure you connect from a quiet room/area, avoid any distractions while the class is in session.
  • Be camera-ready. Cameras are required to stay ON for the full duration of the class in order to participate.
  • Please DO NOT register if you cannot be present for the entire class.
  • No one will be admitted once the class has started. NO EXCEPTIONS.
  • There will be a Q&A section at the end of the session.



About Elaine Del Valle:



Elaine Del Valle represents the next generation of content creators, boldly embracing the role of a multi-hyphenate as a director, writer, actress, producer, and CSA casting director. Elaine’s autobiographical one-woman, off-broadway show led to her career in casting. After watching it,  an ad agency producer told her, “I want to work with you every day, but I can’t hire an actor every day. What else do you do?” Elaine’s answer was, “What do you need?”

Casting was a clear need, and so began Elaine’s career as a casting director. Since 2009,  her Del Valle Casting has been fulfilling clients’ needs while staying true to Elaine’s first objective in taking on the job; to make a better audition experience for the actor than she had experienced. Elaine’s Del Valle Casting casts for television, commercials, feature films, and animation. She is most proud of paving inroads for inclusion in entertainment.

When Elaine is not casting, she is creating content. Her short films have garnered awards at SXSW, Urbanworld, Seriesfest, Catalyst Stories, and more. Elaine won the HBO Latinx Short Film Director Award and is a Sundance Institute Alumna and WarnerMedia 150 Artist. Elaine was the first person to license an interstitial series to HBO. She sold an original pilot to CBS, and her feature screenplay, “Brownsville Bred,” is currently a finalist in Screencraft Film Fund. Elaine was a proud participant in the 2022 WGA showrunner academy. Her most notable acting roles include being a recurring guest star in ABC’s hip-hop drama, “Queens.” Other guest star roles included in “Law & Order: O.I.,” “The Resident,” and “The Sinner.

Elaine recently accepted the Leadership in Arts award from the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. She is set to direct her first feature film in 2023.


Photo credits:

Top photo by Lea P. Fandler; Headshot by Zalo Castillo


About HOLA Master Classes series:

In expanding job opportunities for Hispanic actors, HOLA strengthens and supports the available talent pool through its Educational Programs which offers professional development, acting training and networking opportunities for members and the Hispanic community. This is an invaluable resource for artists to further develop their skills, gain practical experience and industry knowledge to support a greater chance of success in their careers. HOLA Master Classes are free for members and scheduled once a month.


HOLA y sus clases magistrales:

En función de expandir las oportunidades laborales de los actores hispanos, HOLA fortalece y apoya el potencial del talento humano disponible a través de sus programas educativos. Los cuales ofrecen desarrollo profesional, formación actoral; además, de las oportunidades de establecer relaciones interpersonales entre los miembros y la comunidad hispana. Este invaluable recurso impulsa a los artistas a desarrollar aún más sus habilidades. Ganando experiencia práctica y conocimientos del área; aumentando así, las posibilidades de éxito en sus carreras. Las clases magistrales de HOLA son mensuales y gratuitas para los miembros.


Cancellation Policy:

  • In the event you need to cancel your reservation, immediately notify us within 24 hrs notice. Please email us at to notify us of your cancelation.
  • Failure to cancel on time will result in one unexcused absence.
  • An unexcused absence will suspend your privilege to register/participate in the next 2 HOLA Master Classes or Workshops.


Política de cancelación:

  • Para cancelar su reserva, debe notificarlo con 24 horas de anticipación a través del correo electrónico:
  • La falta de notificación oportuna o demorada, se considerará una inasistencia injustificada.
  • Cada inasistencia injustificada suspende la inscripción de las próximas 2 clases magistrales o talleres de HOLA.



HOLA would like to gratefully acknowledge Radio Drama Network for their generous support towards our 2023 educational programming supporting art that enriches our culture.



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Monday Apr 17 2023


6:00 PM - 8:00 PM


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