HOLA Programs

HOLA’s educational programming offers professional development and training for members and the Hispanic community. These are invaluable resources for artists to further develop their skills, gain practical experience and industry knowledge as part of our mission striving for the accurate, informed and non-stereotyped portrayal of the full spectrum of Hispanic and Latinx culture starting with the actors themselves. Most of these will be virtual with some in-person classes if COVID restrictions allow it. These are several of the programs in place and in the process of further development and expansion:

  • HOLA MASTER CLASSES provide Hispanic and Latin actors opportunities to learn from industry professionals in theater, film, television, streaming media, and voice-overs to improve their skills. One popular class was “Movement for Actors and Singers” with Broadway performer, Gabriela Garcia. It is invaluable to meet with industry professionals for insights and networking which increases the opportunity for emerging artists to connect with established artists. Master Classes will be scheduled once a month for a 2-3 hour class.
  • HOLA WORKSHOPS are taught by industry experts to offer more expansive and deeper training for Hispanic actors to further prepare them for the challenges of the theater, media and entertainment industry. Our most popular workshop is our Spanish Language Voice Over Workshop with Manny Herrera, CEO of Audio Libros Corp. He has taught these workshops as a guest teacher for many years at HOLA. We have a success story with our own Monica Delgado, who attended Manny’s workshop several years ago and has booked gigs regularly after the professional quality of the training he provided. All workshops will be a held over a 2-week period, to be scheduled twice a year.
  • HOLA TALKS are lectures or conferences that discuss important information to members of our Latinx community in themes considered relevant for their careers and wellbeing to be scheduled once every 3 months.

HOLA is also focusing on diversity initiative programming that is dedicated to the advocacy for expansion in the presence and job opportunities of Latinx artists in theater, entertainment and media.

  • HOLA PANELS create a space for debates on inclusion, empowerment and diverse aspects that concern the performing arts linked to a specific community within the great diversity of the Latinx culture in the United States. The themes covered in our #WeAre… series are Afro-Latinx, Indigenous Peoples, Women In The Industry and LGBTQ issues and awareness. Panels will be scheduled on a quarterly basis.
  • HOLA SPOTLIGHTS is a series of online conversations that highlight the diversity in the Latin and Hispanic talent and culture. One of our spotlights was with Ilda Mason, a dancer from the 2021 West Side Story remake who discussed her personal experience reaching the next level as an Afro-Latinx, woman actor in Hollywood. Around one hundred ‘HOLA Spotlights’ advocating for diversity will be held every week, reaching thousands of people.

We understand the difficulties to break into the industry and it’s even harder for Hispanic actors. HOLA strives to become a bridge between our community and employment opportunities in the media. Our HOLA REFERRALS service offer casting notices and breakdowns for our members. We are also planning to include an annual showcase providing select members performance opportunities in front of high profile talent agencies.

HOLA would like to gratefully acknowledge Radio Drama Network for their generous support towards our 2022 programming supporting art that enriches our culture.