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  • Coaching and Career Counseling
  • Free Monthly Master Classes
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  • Access to Casting Breakdowns
  • Discounted Workshops
  • Special Discounts for HOLA Events
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HOLA offers membership discounts for actors in financial hardship.
If you want to apply for a reduction in the membership price, please email us at

What do we offer?

HOLA Directory

Actor database of our members offering casting directors and producers a comprehensive resource of Latin artists

HOLA Referrals

Casting notices and breakdowns for our members

Master Classes

Free monthly master classes


Discounted workshops and classes


Free and discounted admission tickets for plays

Community and Networking

Promote your projects via our newsletter and HOLA Referrals

Coaching and Career Counseling

Individually tailored guidance through free one-on-one sessions, designed to help you achieve your goals and aspirations.

Sound Booth

Members will be able to use our sound booth

Self tapes

Tape your auditions in our office

Headshot Sessions

Special discounts for our members

Websites for actors

Special discount rate for members

Reel for actors

Special discount rate for members


HOLA Membership is your ticket to an enriching world of opportunities for performing artists. For an annual fee of $99, you gain access to an array of benefits aimed at boosting your career and connecting you with a vibrant community of fellow Hispanic artists.

Your HOLA Membership comes loaded with perks:

  • HOLA Directory: Get listed in our actor database, giving casting directors and producers a comprehensive resource of Latin artists.
  • HOLA Referrals: Gain access to casting notices and breakdowns exclusively for members.
  • Master Classes: Enjoy free monthly master classes to refine your skills.
  • Workshops: Avail discounted rates for various workshops and classes.
  • Show Tickets: Grab complimentary or discounted admission tickets for plays.
  • Community and Networking: Showcase your projects in our newsletter and HOLA Referrals.
  • Career Consultations: Benefit from onboarding business assessments and branding coaching.
  • Sound Booth Access: Record in our sound booth for enhanced auditions.
  • Self-Taping: Use our office facilities for professional auditions.
  • Headshot Sessions: Access exclusive discounts for headshot sessions.
  • More Offers: Enjoy special rates for actor websites and reels.

Absolutely! HOLA is an inclusive community that welcomes a diverse range of performing artists and professionals in the entertainment industry. While actors are a significant part of HOLA, the organization extends its arms to individuals with various talents and roles. This includes singers, dancers, choreographers, directors, producers, teaching artists, and many more. HOLA values the contributions of all performing arts disciplines and aims to foster a collaborative environment for individuals who are passionate about the entertainment industry. So, whether you’re an actor or possess any other artistic skill, you’re encouraged to become a part of HOLA’s vibrant and supportive community.

HOLA supports actors facing financial hardship by offering membership discounts. If you’re interested in applying for a reduction in the membership price, please reach out to us at

Your membership goes beyond benefits – it fuels HOLA’s advocacy for Hispanic artists in the USA. By joining us, you contribute to our mission while reaping the rewards of an enriched career and community.

Becoming an HOLA Member is as easy as pie! Just click on the “Join us!” button. Fill in your details, pay the annual fee of $75.00, and you’re officially part of our vibrant HOLA Family.

We offer a special price of $99 per year for all our members. No hidden fees, no surprises – just a fantastic deal to expand your performing arts journey.

As an HOLA Member, you’ll be featured in our exclusive Talent Directory, creating visibility among casting directors and producers who are seeking Latin artists for various projects. Many of our members have found representation and have been contacted for acting opportunities through our directory.

HOLA Referrals provide you with an inside track to casting notices and job opportunities tailored exclusively for our members.

Members have the privilege of using our sound booth for auditions, self-tapes, and more. You can also make use of our office space for taping auditions and headshot sessions.

Your HOLA Membership entitles you to regular updates on workshops, events, and opportunities through our newsletter and community platforms.